Ordering Bread

Our bread is not only available in the restaurant, but for your home as well. You can now place orders for bread with our baker, Max.

Tørst is a small restaurant with a small oven, so Max can't make as much bread as he'd truly like to. For now, he offers up to 10 loaves for sale per day.

To place orders, please contact Max through Direct Message on Instagram @maxbeegee, or by emailing him at maxbeegee@gmail.com.

Because the natural fermentation process for sourdough is long and slow, orders must be placed by 8am the day before you'd like to pick up your bread.

Bread can be picked up at Tørst anytime after 12:00pm.

Payments can be made via Venmo @Torst-Bread or via credit card. 

The retail menu is listed below. The bread selection will change seasonally depending on what ingredients are available and what bread Max feels like making. Stay tuned for updates on his Instagram account @maxbeegee.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

greenpoint sour

1.2 kg batard, $7

A classic white sourdough, or country loaf, with a little stone ground whole wheat and rye flour. Very light and tangy with mild flavors. An easy crowd pleaser.

IMG_3628 (1).JPG

ancient grain sour

1.2 kg boule, $9

This loaf is made with spelt, kamut, and einkorn flours, all ancestors of modern wheat varieties originating in the region of modern Turkey to Iran. Spelt's softer protein gives it a light texture, and the kamut and einkorn give the bread a buttery flavor and a golden color. It's rolled in sesame for an additional nutty flavor and crunchy crust.


pumpkin porridge

1.2 kg boule, $9

This bread is made with mostly local Glenn wheat which has a rich, chocolatey flavor. The dough has pressure cooked pumpkin seeds and cinnamon spiced kabocha squash added in to give it an earthy sweetness and a bit of fall spice. A great bread for the holidays. 


malted milk bread

1.5 kg Pullman, $10

The ultimate sandwich loaf–BLT, French toast, grilled cheese, anything loaf. This large sandwich bread is a take on the very soft, white Japanese milk bread used for katsu sandwiches. Made with a milky roux, a milky preferment called "poolish," and then more milk, it has a lactic sweetness and pillowy texture reminiscent of brioche or challah. With the addition of malted barley syrup, this bread also tastes faintly of malted milk shake and beer.